Bioinformatics is a sub-discipline of biology and computer science concerned with the acquisition, storage, analysis, and dissemination of biological data, most often DNA and amino acid sequences. Bioinformatics uses computer programs for a variety of applications, including determining gene and protein functions, establishing evolutionary relationships, and predicting the three-dimensional shapes of proteins.

Notes on Other Gene Analysis Services and More:

  1. Open SNP – openSNP allows customers of direct-to-customer genetic tests to publish their test results, find others with similar genetic variations, learn more about their results by getting the latest primary literature on their variations, and help scientists find new associations.
  2. Genetic Genie – Methylation and detox analysis from 23andMe results
  3. Xcode – Make reports are compatible with 23andMe, Ancestry DNA, FTDNA, MyHeritage DNA, Genes for Good, Helix and several others.
  4. Wellness Gene – The Wellness Gene is a cutting-edge, fully customizable weight loss and maintenance solution based on a patient’s unique DNA. With just one simple cheek swab, your patients will finally understand what diet and lifestyle choices will best help them achieve their goals.
  5. Genetic Direction – Genetic Direction is developing a comprehensive suite of genetics-based health management programs to address the most pressing preventive and performance health concerns in the world today.