Certificate Lean Healthcare Green Belt Virtual Program

Certificate Lean Healthcare

Green Belt Virtual Program

This course is designed for middle managers, quality officers and people who are involved in managing hospitals and therefore have an interest in improving performance.

Radically improve the performance of your Healthcare organization

and grow as a Certified Green Belt

Lean: eliminate waste – improve performance Lean is a philosophy aimed at eliminating waste. Waste is all things that do not add value. Lean mostly aims at reduction of cycle time. Successful implementation of Lean thinking improves quality, patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and lowers cost. Lean management leads to a substantial improvement of performance.

Lean was developed by the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, and head of engineering Taiichi Ohno. Toyota was able to improve performance in all respects through the Lean philosophy and became one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Thanks to this big success this philosophy has been implemented by many other Healthcare organizations throughout the world. Implementing Lean management is not a very complicated technical thing. It does require profiled training and professional facilitation. In general, it requires quite different thinking. And change management plays a role. For successful implementation of Lean support from management, employees and speaking the same language is of crucial importance.

LeanTrainers a leading provider of Healthcare Consulting and Education provides this important Course. The Course aims to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills to obtain the Lean Healthcare Green Belt Certification based on the body of knowledge of the American Society for Quality (www.ASQ.org). This Course involves a combination of practical demonstrations, discussion groups, case studies and interactive exercises. The participants are expected to gain a solid foundation In the implementation of Performance Improvement Initiatives in healthcare.

Did You Know?

Many hospitals deliver World Class Healthcare aided by Lean philosophy and methodologies

  • Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tawam Hospital, Al Ain, UAE
  • American Hospital, Dubai, UAE
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital And Research Centre, Riyadh, KSA
  • Virginia Mason Hospital and Medical Centre, Seattle, USA
  • Cleveland Clinic, USA and UAE
  • Miami Children’s Hospital, Miami, USA
  • University Medical Center Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany
  • University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

On This Program, You Will

  1. Become Certified Lean Healthcare Green Belt
  2. Successfully deliver Lean projects in your department
  3. Grow as a healthcare professional
  4. Assist your organization to radically improve its performance
  5. Be ready for Certified Lean Healthcare Black Belt program
  6. Be awarded lifetime membership to the LeanResults Healthcare Community© aimed at personal growth

Who should Attend

This course is designed for middle managers and quality officers who are involved in managing hospitals and therefore have an interest in improving performance.

• Department managers, Functional Managers, Divisional Managers and Business managers who are responsible for a part of the organization and see opportunities to start up new improvement projects and want to be Lean Green Belt in healthcare.

• Quality Managers who also see the power of Lean can be applied in their Healthcare organizations and want to be Lean Green Belt in healthcare.

Certificate Lean Healthcare Green Belt Virtual Program Overview

This Program incorporates the Body of Knowledge in the Lean Healthcare Profession as it is developed by the American Society for Quality

Module 1: Introduction to Lean

Module 2: Lean Benefits

Module 3: Lean Vision

Module 4: Features of Outstanding Service Organizations

Module 5: Lean Elements, Rules, and Tools

Module 6: Lean People

Module 7: Value

Module 8: Eliminating Waste

Module 9: Value Stream Mapping

Module 10: Kaizen

Module 11: Flow, Pull, and Perfection

Module 12: Visual Workplace

Module 13: 5S

Module 14: Lean Metrics

Module 15: Policy Deployment and Lean Transformation Plan

Module 16: Project Management

Module 17: Change Management

Module 18: Root Cause Analysis

Module 19: Institutionalizing Lean Healthcare Enterprise

Module 20: Selection and running of projects

Meet Your Expert Course Directors

Louis Brackel

Drs. Louis Brackel RC, CPCC, CPHQ Louis Brackel is a registered controller with extensive experience in business transformations and process improvement in the private and public sector. Throughout his career, Louis has acted as a Certified Lean Black Belt in various sectors, and as a financial manager, management consultant and certified coach.

Louis is a frequently asked speaker at the Free University of Amsterdam, Erasmus University of Rotterdam and Nyenrode Business University

Amrish Kamboj

Dr. Amrish Kamboj is a Healthcare Operations and quality management professional along with being a practicing Specialist Clinical Pathologist with a passion for teamwork, quality, accreditation and lean healthcare and with meticulous attention to detail.

He has over 15 years long dedicated experience in the healthcare sector. He has been actively been involved in setting, measuring and maintaining quality standards under my supervision and worked closely with various disciplines to ensure seamless management of the patient throughout the entire care continuum.

Assessment And Certificate

On completion of the Training Program, you shall take an exam. Your Certificate will be delivered to you after successfully passing the exam.

I had the opportunity to work with Louis Brackel as my mentor and teacher towards my Lean Black belt certification after I took their Certificate Lean Healthcare Green Belt course. Louis’ approach to teaching is practical and empowering. He creates a positive learning environment to enable professional development and reflective practice. Louis is a good listener with the ability to guide one to solutions, when barriers and challenges occur in a Lean Project. His vast experience in the “Lean” arena is evident in his coaching while driving and encouraging goal and project milestone achievements.

name will be disclosed on request

Recommendation from a Clinical Resource Nurse , SEHA Hospital

How this works

Your Trainer will guide you from a distance through conference call meetings in setting up and running and in completing your project. At end of Training Program, you shall take a written exam (approximately 45 minutes) based on the book Lean Hospitals (provided to you by us) and an oral exam based on your project progress reports. And by doing so you will effectively be certified as a Lean Blackbelt for Healthcare practitioner.

How to move on?

After you have registered for the course by making the payment for the course firstly we will have a conference call with you to speak about the details of the course and set up a date when you want to start to have our 1st call for the course. The call shall also include sharing some ideas for Project selection. So after that, you can get ready and have a good idea of which project we can take on. So you have some weeks to arrange things.

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