Our Trainers

Our Trainers

We believe that trainers need to be both experienced and engaging so that trainees stay alert and interested in the material that is being taught. We have the best training material available and our trainers are experienced in applying Lean principles across several different industries. Out trainers take time to understand the industry backgrounds of the specific trainees wand to adapt the examples and discussions to apply to those specific industries.

Mr. Louis Brackel

I specialize in applying Lean and Agile in healthcare, business and the public sector. I am a Master Blackbelt in Lean, Professional Scrum Master, Executive Master of Finance and Control and certified coach.

I have got my Masters degree from Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands and my Executive Master of Finance and Control from the Free University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I have got over 30 years of experience in improving performance in organizations. I have led many improvement teams to determine their business opportunity, due to thorough analyses, come up with radical improvements and implement these in a human and result oriented way.

Dr. Amrish Kamboj

I am a Healthcare Operations and quality management professional along with being a practicing Specialist Clinical Pathologist with a passion for teamwork, quality, accreditation and lean healthcare and with meticulous attention to detail.

I have over 15 years long dedicated experience in the healthcare sector. I have worked extensively in healthcare centers of international repute in India, Gulf, and South America. I have actively been involved in setting, measuring and maintaining quality standards under my supervision and worked closely with various disciplines to ensure seamless management of the patient throughout the entire care continuum. I have been at the forefront of conducting educational programs amongst the medical, technical and support staff.